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Sports holiday

The U.S. loves sports, and they have

the most entertaining games mixed with wild shows!


American Football, Basketball or Baseball! Discover the exuberant sports events with huge shows containing fireworks, cheerleaders and a constant hum from the thousands of fans is an amazing experience.

You do not need be a fan of the specified sports to watch a sports game – the stadium, the energy, the fans and the entertainment is an amazing experience in itself! USATours can help you plan and guide you to the best possible sports experience. Below you can read about some of the American sports that are recommendable.

American football

The atmosphere of an American football game is spectacular and an experience that you should not miss! The games start out with a blast of a show and it goes through the stadium while thousands of fans cheers shout at their favourite club. From September to January, you can get to an NFL match, which eventually ends in the world’s largest one-day sporting event – the Super Bowl.


Discover a basketball game and come close to the many world stars in the sport. The atmospheric arenas is a fascinating experience because the audience creates a celebration in the stands. Experience NBA where 30 professional teams compete for a place in the final! The large basket-experiences are typically found in the country’s major cities such as Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York where you can experience legendary teams like Heats, Bulls, Lakers or the Knicks.


Baseball is a very popular sport in the US and attracts numerous spectators each season. Experience one of these fascinating games with the prestigious MLB league. The mood in the arena is buzzing, cozy and a very recommendable experience.

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