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Best Time to Visit USA - When Should You Travel? - USATours.co.uk
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Go to the right states during the right seasons,

when they are most beautiful and most impressive!


North America is a year-round destination, which you can enjoy in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Experience the beautiful spring across the United States – from the blooming cherry trees in Washington DC to the beautiful desert flowers in Death Valley in the West. Enjoy a summer holiday with a road-trip in California, on Route 66, in the Southwest, or maybe a trip to the beautiful mountainous areas with clear, azure lakes in Canada. In the autumn, you can enjoy the colorful palette of colors in New England, and in the winter, there are plenty of beautiful beach destinations waiting for you. Spend Christmas in Florida and experience the great Christmas show in Disneyworld, or enjoy a wonderful winter break in Mexico or the Caribbean. Visit North American all year long and experience the amazing continent at the time of year that suits you best.

New York

Experience the blooming spring in Central Park and enjoy the mild weather – perfect for experiencing the city’s adventures.


Enjoy the lovely warm weather, snow-white beaches, and thrilling amusement parks in Florida.


Visit Yellowstone National Park in the spring, when all the flowers spring out and the animals in the park are active.


In late spring, you get California more to yourself than in the summer. Experience Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite, and many other places.


Discover the Canadian Rockies at Jasper and Banff while the spring flowers pop up.

East Coast

Drive from north to south on the East Coast and experience the mild spring in the north, and almost summer-like conditions in the south of Florida.


California has it all in summer. All national parks are open and the weather is amazing.


Experience the east and west coasts of Canada in the warm summer, where the national parks are green and beautiful.

Central USA

Experience Denver, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and the Rodeo Landscape of Wyoming while the weather is nice and warm.


Alaska is best experienced during the summer, when the heavy snow is gone and the state is ready to shine.

Route 66

Drive on the historic mother road from Chicago to Los Angeles in the summer sunshine.

The South

Enjoy the home of music’s delicious southern food and warm evenings in the summer months.

New England

Enjoy New England as it changes from the green summer to a beautiful palette of autumn colors.


Canada is great to experience in the autumn. The contrast between the azure lakes, brown-orange leaves and gray mountains is amazing.

New York

Spend your autumn holiday in New York and get the family Christmas gifts at outlet prices.

The South

Experience the Southern states in the autumn, when the damp summer heat has subsided.


Enjoy California without so many tourists, and at cheaper prices than in summer.


If you are in the mood for some heat, beaches, volcanos, and adventure, then visit Hawaii in the autumn.


Relax on the beach in Florida while the weather is cold at home, and experience the swamps, Disneyworld, and Key West.


Visit some of the world’s best beaches, the Mayan ruins, and go snorkeling or diving at the world’s second largest coral reef, while the UK is boring and grey.


Enjoy the winter under warm skies in Hawaii, when humpback whales are most active.


Visit Nassau, Exuma, and the other paradise islands in the Bahamas. Experience Pig Beach and the most amazing white sandy beaches.

The Dominican Republic

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and stunning scenery of the Dominican Republic in the winter months.


Experience the Caribbean’s largest island in the country’s high season. Visit the colorful city of Havana and relax on the beach at Varadero.


You can travel to the United States all year round, but if the weather or cultural events are crucial to your trip, the tables below can give you an overview, so you can find the optimal time to travel to the United States.

There are festivities throughout all 12 months of the year in most states. The cultural events vary greatly, but what they have in common is the ability to gather the inhabitants of the city, giving you a unique opportunity to experience the states from their best side. If you like parades, events, and dressing up, do not miss Mardi Gras in New Orleans. If you are fascinated by the supernatural and inexplicable, you can attend the UFO festival in Roswell.

Here you will get an overview of this year’s cultural festivities in a handful of states:

JanuarySundance film festival + Martin Luther King Day
FebruaryValentines Day
MarchSaint Patrick’s Day
MayMemorial Day
July4. July (Independence Day)
SeptemberLabor Day
NovemberThanksgiving Day + Black Friday
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