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Posh holidays

USA is the land of opportunities and

offers you exclusive experiences!


USA is the land of opportunity and offers many exclusive experiences such as limousine service, helicopter tours and accommodation at the luxurious beautiful hotels – especially suitable for true connoisseurs.

If you are into luxurious self-indulgence we can put together a dream holiday for your needs and wants with a focus on exclusive experiences. USATours do not compromise on quality and service and the best 4 and 5 star hotels.

Our travel experts can help you put together your unique posh holiday.

Exclusive self-drive holiday

A self-drive holiday in the United States does not imply a less posh holiday! Rent the largest and most exclusive cars through USATours. We guide you to the cars that covers your needs so that your journey through the United States will be with extra comfort and luxury. Rent for example an SUV or an American muscle car and fly down the legendary Route 66.

The best hotels!

If you want the finest service and comfort, there are countless of magnificent hotels in the United States with high quality. Experience both impressive architecture, fine gastronomy and large luxurious rooms where you can relax after a long day. We will find the hotel that matches your needs whether it’s Bellagio in Las Vegas or 4 Seasons in New York!

First Class excursions

The many vibrant cities and stunning attractions can be overwhelming in their size. A helicopter tour is definitely a recommendable trip, where you can enjoy the Grand Canyon or the New York skyline in their full splendour and beauty from above.

Driving in Limousine is the perfect way of transportation if you want a little extra luxury on your trip in the United States. Enjoy a glass of champagne and stretch your legs while you conveniently come from a to b. Limousines can be used as transportation to and from the airport or for example a sightseeing tour past Times Square in New York with great distance away from the crowds.

First Class / Business Class

The flight can often be a long affair why First Class is a perfect opportunity to make the journey more comfortable and luxurious. Enjoy gastronomic cuisine of high quality, sit back in the comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and relax to the many entertainment and wellness opportunities.

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