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Motorhome Holidays USA - Discover USA on a Motorhome Holiday
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Travel in a motorhome

Come close to nature in a motorhome

and decide the pace for yourself!


With the most beautiful national parks and varied scenery, the impressive big cities and a country filled with experiences, attractions and amusements for the entire family, it is easy to understand why the US attracts so many British tourists every year.

One of the most popular ways of experiencing the US is on a fly-drive holiday with a motorhome. With a motorhome, you can experience many of the exciting destinations and places in your own pace. The US is filled with beautiful campgrounds, which makes it easy to plan a route, where you can experience a bit of everything.

Explore national parks in the United States

The US has some of the world’s largest and most spectacular national parks. Due to their immense size, it is almost impossible to explore every single corner of these national parks, but in a motorhome, you will have the best chance to try! You will get up and close with nature and camp at the so-called campgrounds. You will get a unique opportunity to get close to the wildlife that unfolds from the early morning hours to the late evening hours. The enormous national parks have a lot of varied scenery with woods, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and canyons, so you can easily use a couple of days exploring one of them. This is why, a motorhome is ideal to go exploring in, because you save time by not having to go to a hotel to spend the night.

Almost every state in the US have national parks that are worth visiting, but especially a tour of California offers a wide range of national parks within a reasonable driving distance, which makes it easy to tailor the perfect tour. Here, you will, among other things, find the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park, which are all divine creations of nature.

Your own room on wheels

If you choose to travel around in a motorhome, you do not have to spend time packing your things every morning, when you have to go out. Because, a motorhome is like having your own little apartment on wheels in many ways.
It is also a very convenient and efficient way of storing food, since almost every motorhome has a fridge and in some cases a deep freezer. In addition, it is also possible to cook food on the stove or in the oven, if you are not in the mood for barbecuing, which is the Americans’ greatest passion.

Skip the hotel room and let the children run loose!

A vacation in a motorhome is the perfect solution for families, who want to have the opportunity to be closer together than they are on a daily basis. Most of us have busy everyday lives, where we do not have as much time with the children, as we would wish for. If you go on a holiday in a motorhome, the family’s togetherness and quality time can be enjoyed to the fullest!
Most children are also crazy about traveling in a motorhome, instead of staying at hotel rooms. Few hotels prioritize children’s need for playtime and fun, and possibly loud behavior. Those limitations are not present, when you camp in nature – here, the children can play freely, and there are always plenty of activities to participate in at a campground.

Today, most children use a lot of hours in front of the computer or the TV. On a motorhome tour of the US, the children are activated though social gathering and physical activities in the fresh air of some of the world’s most beautiful and safe surroundings.
Thus, it is not only the adults, who will enjoy the US experience from a motorhome – the children will also get a memory for life. Florida is an ideal place for a family with children to visit. Here, you are sure to have great weather and a lot of experiences for the entire family with exciting scenery in the Everglades National Park, big city experiences in Miami and the wildest amusement parks in Orlando. Florida is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and warm, clear waters, and at many places, it is possible to camp directly on the beach!


To many, it can seem a bit overwhelming the first time you go driving in one of the big motorhome models. It is a little bit different than driving a regular car. Luckily, most of the American roads are big and broad, so there is plenty of room for the car, and with automatic transmission and cruise control, you will quickly feel comfortable. Everyone who has a UK driver’s license and who is 21 years old can drive a motorhome. The price for renting a motorhome is generally fairly attractive in the US, but it is not completely cheap. But you avoid paying for expensive hotel rooms and a lot of restaurant visits, because you sleep and cook in the motorhome. This is why, it can easily turn out to be a cheaper way of spending your vacation in the US.

When planning a holiday in a motorhome, it is not without importance, which car rental service you use or where you have to pick up and drop off the rental car, since the price differences can be significant. Additionally, it can be difficult to choose which places to explore, when you are planning the tour, since it is impossible to experience all of the US in one, single holiday. It is often a good idea to book a campground at the most popular national parks in good time, because otherwise it can be difficult to get any available spaces during the peak season.
At USATours, we tailor the perfect tour with a motorhome according to your wishes. We assist with all of the practicalities, such as booking the airline tickets, renting an camper, planning the route and booking the campgrounds etc. We collaborate with all the major car rental services in the US, so we are able to find motorhomes in all sizes and for all budgets. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Motorhome tour of Canada

A road trip in the US can be really nice and full of experiences, especially when you are with your family. You have the opportunity to pull over whenever you want to, and experience nature and freedom in a completely different way. USATours has specialized in planning tours in the US, and can also help plan the route in Canada. Canada has enormous areas with amazing scenery that you just have to see.

We can plan a motorhome tour of Canada, where you and your family will get to experience things, such as the beautiful mountains and lakes in the Rocky Mountains, as well as more national parks located in the area. There will be plenty of time for maximum relaxation with the family, where you can cook your own food, while you just enjoy the scenery and everything around you. You can read more about what you can experience in Canada here, after which you can call or write us, so that we can plan the perfect tour for you and your family.

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