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The Southern States

This is the perfect combination

of cities, beaches, and nature!


Classic Deep South

Take a tour of the South and experience its charm and culture, covering a huge area from Virginia in the east to Texas in the west. The South lost the Civil War against the Union in the North, and there are plenty of places where the history of the Civil War can still be seen. Just 50 years ago blacks and whites were still divided by law in the public sphere, and the Civil Rights Movement has certainly left its mark on the states, where Martin Luther King lived and died. The south’s large area gives a lot of great opportunities to combine different self-drive tours.

For music lovers the south is the ultimate holiday destination. The music lives in the south and is everywhere, whether you’re into jazz, country, blues or Rock’n’Roll. Music is the epitome of the southern states just like the good weather. Experience Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis Presley lived most of his life. His music still lives here with his house Graceland, which is now open for the public as an museum. There are oceans of good music venues where they play Rock’n’Roll, a genre that was invented there. The many experiences in the South are just waiting to be discovered.

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The time has come to experience the south’s charming, warm and friendly atmosphere. Your holiday starts in Atlanta, where you arrive from London with a single stopover.

Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, is a great city to visit, and you will find world-class restaurants and plenty of sights everywhere. You can visit The Coca-Cola Factory, located downtown. The world’s most famous soft drink Coca-Cola has its headquarters in Atlanta and the World of Coca-Cola is probably the most popular attraction in the city. You’ll learn about the invention and history of Coca-Cola, which started in 1886 by pharmacist John Pemberton’s experiment, which in a few years developed into Coca-Cola. The coolest thing at the Coca-Cola Factory is that when you have been through the guided tour, you get to taste everything Coca-Cola has produced – including that which never came on the shelves. You will get a small plastic cup, and you are allowed to walk around and drink as much as you want.

You can also experience Stone Mountain, which is the world’s largest free-standing granite stones, but with its size it should rather be called a mountain and not a stone. You can take a gondola to the top of the rock, where you can then walk on it. On the front of the stone they have engraved a picture of the three Civil War heroes President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jackson.

If you are into sports you can experience the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) or the Atlanta Hawks (NHL) play and have an exciting and thrilling sporting experience of a lifetime. If you are not into sports, it’s an experience that is worth taking anyway, as the atmosphere and the experience itself is something you won’t forget.

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(190 miles – 3-hours-and-30-minute drive)Next stop on you holiday is the Great Smoky Mountains, which is the most visited national park in the United States, with 10 million visitors a year (twice as many as the Grand Canyon) and is called The Smokies by the locals. The clouds are often low over the mountains and hills in the park, which is why they are called The Great Smokey Mountains. The park is located between Tennessee and North Carolina. The eastern part of the national park is very mountainous, and you can find many good vantage points. Experience the highest point, Clingman’s Dome! In the western part you’ll find Cades Cove, which is a nice wooded area with cabins and old churches. It is also really exciting to go hiking and see small waterfalls, and maybe meet a wild boar or a bear. Just outside the Great Smoky Mountains you can experience the city, Pigeon Forge, where Dolly Parton was born. In Pigeon Forge you can Visit the theme park Dollywood, or the interactive Titanic Museum, where each person is assigned a character at the entrance and find out if your character survived titanic at the end. If you like a little action and great views, we recommend you try the fun mountain roller coaster, called Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster. The roller-coaster goes around the beautiful countryside and is found on the edge of the park before you reach Pigeon Forge.

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(248 miles – 4-hours-and-45-minute drive)Your next stop is a real Southern town. Nashville, the capital of Tennessee is a music mecca like no other, and is why they call the city ‘Music City’. Nashville is known for its country music environment, and you can visit the famous concert venue Grand Ole Opry. Elvis had his first and only appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in 1954, and Dolly Parton stood on the stage for the first time here in 1959 introduced by Johnny Cash.
The music does not end here. You can visit the Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum, where you are taken through a historic journey with country music as the topic. Line dance is also big in Nashville, and at Wildhorse Saloon it is difficult to sit still when they open the doors for a festive evening with good American BBQ and line dancing for everyone. In Nashville you can visit Hillsboro Village, situated around the old university Vanderbilt, where brick buildings have been converted into modern cafés, pancake restaurants, genuine American cupcake bakeries and a Ben & Jerry’s icream shop. It is cozy and has great shopping opportunities.

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(211 miles – 3-hours-and-10-minute drive)Then it’s on to Memphis, which is also a city that lives and breathes for music. Experience Blues music where it was created, in a completely different way than at home. Be sure to visit Beale Street with its colorful neon signs and many blues bars.

Memphis is probably best known for Graceland and Elvis, who lived in Memphis most of his life. Today you can visit Graceland, Elvis’ former house, which is now a museum. It is the second most visited museum in the United States – second only to the White House. See The Jungle Room, Elvis’ grave, his most famous outfits, private jets and the pink Cadillac. This is an impressive experience and a peek into music history, and is always worth a visit, Elvis fan or not.

If you haven’t had enough of Elvis, then you can stop by Sun Studio, also known as The Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll. This was where Elvis recorded many of his songs, and they now have an exhibit including Elvis’ microphone.

Memphis is unfortunately also the place where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. It happened on a terrace in Memphis, and the motel has where he was killed has been converted to the National Civil Rights Museum, which is worth a visit. “The Pyramid”, which is a large glass pyramid, is also a major attraction here. It has been used to organize sports events, concerts, etc. over the years.

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(395 miles – 5-hours-and-40-minute drive)Next stop is New Orleans, which is the home of Jazz. Every year the big annual jazz festival “Jazz and Heritage Festival,” celebrates the city for its creation of jazz music.

Besides listening to jazz, New Orleans has many interesting sights. Take a swamp trip and see alligators and wild boar in Honey Island Swamp just outside the city. It is also at Honey Island Swamp that Big Foot once was spotted, so keep your eyes open.

The French Quarter is also an exciting place to visit, whether you speak French or not. Visit Bourbon Street and St. Louis Cathedral, or take a walk in the 50 year old trams and feel the unique atmosphere. Enjoy afternoon coffee at Café du Monde, which was established in 1862, and taste one of their local specialties called beignets – a type of doughnut with icing sugar on. Go to the Mississippi River, where you can take a trip on the paddle steamer Natchez.

Every year, Mardi Gras is held in New Orleans. You will find locals and visitors party together, wearing beautiful masks and glittering costumes. If you are not in town during the parade, then you can experience the Mardi Gras’ wagons in Mardi Gras World. Try on different Mardi Gras costumes and taste a piece of King Cake, which is a 300 year old custom where you eat a piece of pastry that has a small plastic baby doll inside. The one who gets the doll, will be successful in life.

If you want to see a historic plantation, you can drive out to Oak Alley Plantation west of New Orleans. See the great plantation home from 1837, learn the history of the slaves who lived here, and see the shady avenue of 300 year old oak trees.

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(210 miles – 3-hours-and-10-minute drive)Your next stop is Pensacola Beach in Florida, which is one of the longest islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Here are plenty of opportunities to relax, enjoy, and digest the many impressions and experiences with great beaches, good weather and delicious food. There are plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking, and outdoor concerts in the summer.

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(333 miles – 5-hour drive)Last stop is back to Atlanta, which was also the first stop on your trip. You will fly home to England from Atlanta and therefore only have a single day to relax and enjoy the last bit of the United States before you leave. The trip home is with a single stopover, and soon you’re back from what we hope will be one of your best holidays yet!

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The price is for: 2 adults and 2 children in the same room including flights, accommodation and car rental.

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