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Discover several great destinations on a cruise and enjoy lots of entertainment, shows, attractions and restaurants on board. Below are just a few examples of the cruises we offer.

Enjoy trips to the Caribbean islands with their beautiful beaches and idyllic surroundings, or explore Alaska’s vast and fascinating nature. At USATours we offer cruises to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Turk, the Caribbean, Canada and Alaska. Contact USATours and learn more about the many cruises we offer. We can also help you arrange a cruise combined with a holiday to the US.

Three-day cruise to the beautiful Bahamas from Miami

This cruise sails from Miami in the afternoon, after which the course is set to the Bahamas in beautiful Caribbean paradise. The ship docks at the island’s capital Nassau in the morning and then you have a day to explore the island that is home to about 300,000 people. Nassau offers snorkeling, national parks or swimming with the dolphins. You can also enjoy a fine meal at the harbor from one of the many excellent restaurants before you sail back to Miami, where you arrive in the morning. During the trip, you can enjoy boat facilities like sun bathing by the pool, visiting one of the ship’s many restaurants, or lounging on the deck. This trip is ideal for those who want to combine a trip to the US with a cruise to the Caribbean.

Six-day crusie to Jamaica from Fort Lauderdale

Set sail from sunny Fort Lauderdale, headed for America’s southernmost point of Key West where you can enjoy most of the day on the white sandy beaches or on one of the pedestrian streets with Caribbean ambiance. Next, you sail to George Town in the Cayman Islands. Whether you like relaxation by the beach, diving at the island’s great reefs, or if you prefer to sunbathe, you can enjoy the day in your own way. After a relaxing day you sail towards the main destination, Jamaica, which is the Caribbean’s third largest island. Jamaica is known for its mountainous terrain combined with palm trees on the island’s white sandy beaches. You cannot go to Jamaica without tasting the genuine Jamaican rum. You can enjoy the local rum on the local beach bar while you tan on the beach.

After a few days filled with Caribbean experience the cruise returns to the US and docks by Fort Lauderdale. If you have not had enough of amazing beaches, you can stay a couple of days in Ft. Lauderdale at one of their amazing beach hotels and private beach areas.

Eight-day cruise to the Bahamas from New York

Depending on the season that you are traveling, you might like to combine your holiday to New York with an 8-day cruise to the Caribbean islands, Bahamas, and Grand Turk. The cruise sails from New York in the afternoon and embarks on the long journey to Grand Turk. While sailing, you can enjoy the ship’s facilities like an outdoor pool, various shows and sunbathing on the deck. Grand Turk is a small island with a genuine authentic Caribbean atmosphere. If you are lucky you can witness the large herds of humpback whales swim through the Turks Island Passage. After half a day at Grand Turk, the cruise continues to Half Moon Cay, where you visit shortly before you arrive at the Bahamas capital of Nassau. During your stay you can take the time to go on an underwater adventure from the island’s shores where you can also snorkel or enjoy lunch at the island’s cozy harbor area before the cruise sails you to the port of New York, where your holiday can then continue.

Eight-day cruise to Alaska from Vancouver

A Cruise to Alaska allows you to get close to the wild and rugged scenery, abundant wildlife, and breath taking glaciers. The cruise starts in Vancouver, a sprawling metropolis surrounded by mountains, forests and the Georgia Strait. During the cruise you can enjoy amenities and attractions like a spa, gym, pool, mini golf course, arcade games, cinema and others. The cruise first sails past the beautiful Tracy Arm Ford, where you can enjoy views of glaciers, waterfalls and mountain peaks. The first stop is Juneau, Alaska’s capital city, featuring delicious restaurants, art shops and beautiful countryside. Next the cruise sails to Skagway, founded when the Gold Rush attracted thousands to the city. Here you will find impressive old and historic buildings. Glacier Bay National Park is a must-see on the cruise, and is home to glaciers, sea birds and humpback whales. The last town Ketchikan offers a fantastic art scene and ancient totem poles. The cruise ends in the city of Seattle where you can go sightseeing or possibly combine your holiday to several other destinations.

Ten-day cruise in Canada / USA from Toronto to Chicago

Take a cruise to Canada and enjoy the many facilities on board, where service is in focus and you can just sit back and admire the beautiful surroundings. The cruise sails from Toronto, a city with skyscrapers, exciting music, an great art scene, and the iconic CN Tower. The first stop is the spectacular Niagara Falls, which is a breath taking sight. The cruise then sails to the city of Windsor, also called “The City Of Roses,” which is filled with many beautiful natural parks. Midland offers interesting museums and an impressive bird life. In Parry Sound you can experience the world’s deepest natural freshwater sport. Later the cruise arrives to Little Current which is known for its swing bridge, history, and charming atmosphere. Next stop is Mackinac Island where you can experience lavish Victorian homes and hotels. The second to last stop is Holland, with its European character and an exciting art scene. The cruise ends in Chicago, with its views of Lake Michigan and beautiful architecture – a perfect end to the cruise.

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