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By accepting the contract with USATours you are agreeing to the following booking conditions. Please feel free to email or call regarding any questions you may have concerning these conditions at or call us at 02038 072 277.

1. Contract:

By a written or oral agreement with USATours, you are accepting the following booking conditions as the basis of an agreement between USATours and you. Furthermore, you are accepting that the details within the quotations supplied are correct.

The person accepting the holiday package with USATours will be deemed as the “Party Leader” for all persons included in the booking, however all travelers will be jointly bound to certain “Supplier booking conditions” to which all parties must also comply.

The person accepting the holiday package with USATours, will be deemed to pay the agreed price in full whether the trip is canceled or conducted.

The agreed prices can only be guaranteed by timely payments.

2. Your Financial Protection: VAT – DK33761295, is registered in The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund under 2338. The registration has taken place according to Act No 1101 of September 3 2015 by which Act article 7 of the EU Council Directive of 13 June 1990 on package travel, package holidays and package tours has been implemented in Danish legislation.

Thus all customers (both private and business and regardless whether they are established in Denmark or abroad) who buy a package tour from will be covered by The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund if should be declared bankrupt.

The Coverage also applies for products that have not been pre-arranged and even if the different elements are not on the same invoice (if they are part of the same package tour), and it applies for arrangements that take place both in Denmark and outside Denmark. The coverage is not limited to the amount has placed as a guarantee in favor of The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.

Products combined of at least 2 of the following 3 elements are covered by the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund:

  1. Transport
  2. Accommodation
  3. Other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant proportion of the package

All Flight Inclusive Packages and Non Flight Packages are financially covered as long as 2 of the above elements are combined.

3. Insurance:

We work with Citybond Suretravel to ensure that you have the correct coverage when traveling to the United States. Citybond Suretravel can provide a comprehensive range of travel insurance offering high levels of cover for medical emergency, repatriation, personal baggage, cancellation and much more. When booking your insurance with a USATours Holiday Package you get a 10{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} discount on your insurance with Citybond Suretravel.

4. Price:

The Price includes a minimum of 2 of the following 3 elements:

  1. Transport
  2. Accommodation
  3. Other Tourist services accounting for a significant proportion of the package.

Breakfast, Parking and transportation to and from the airport is not included unless otherwise stated in the contract.

All of our trips are tailor-made to at least some degree in order to fully meet your parties needs, the price quoted has a valid time limit of 7 days.

Once the required deposit is received within the 7 day quotation period, the price quoted is secured. However, surcharges are permitted to allow for increases in transportation costs, taxes or fees for certain services, and exchange rates. We will cover the cost of any increases within 2{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} of the price of your travel arrangements. However, any increase above 2{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} will be passed onto the consumer. Should these price increases total 10{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} or more, you will have the option of accepting another holiday of equivalent standard (subject to availability), or canceling and receiving a full refund, minus any earlier amendment fees. Changes to the agreed price are extremely rare, and where possible, will be absorbed by the Company.

The balance payable for any holiday will need to be collected 12 weeks prior to travel by bank transfer or credit card. We reserve the right to cancel your holiday and apply cancellation charges as listed below if payment is not received on time.

Unused bookings or services can not be refunded or re-arranged.

5. Cancellation By You:

Should you or someone within your party wish to cancel, we would require notice in writing from the person who accepted the contract. The charges will be fixed as shown below, as per the day we receive written notification.

Packages (Except flights) as well as hotel accommodation and/or other tourist services (purchased alone) can be cancelled within 85 days before departure against a handling fee of £250 per person, unless otherwise indicated.

Cancellation 59-30 days prior to departure – Loss of 25{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} of the package cost (including flights, accommodation and/or other tourist services purchased alone.)

Cancellation 29-6 days prior to departure – Loss of 50{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} of the package cost  (including flights, accommodation and/or other tourist services purchased alone.)

Cancellation 5-0 days prior to departure – Loss of 100{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} of the package cost.

USATours have no right of cancellation in relation to the applied airlines and flights can in no case be canceled by the customer. This applies to both tickets purchased alone and flights that are a part of a package.

If USATours’ right to cancel against third parties (Hotels, etc.) are stricter than indicated then the clients cancellation rights will be further restricted accordingly.

Packages can also be canceled if within a period of 14 days before the package tour at the destination or in the immediate vicinity of this occurring acts of war, natural disasters, deadly infectious diseases or other assimilated events, unless the customer when accepting the contract knew that event or event was widely known.

6. Alterations Made By You:

Alterations need to be requested in writing by the party leader. Any requests received more than 10 weeks prior to departure will be subject to a £50 fee per person, along with any additional costs that we occur due to the requested change. Any alteration requests received within 10 weeks of departure may be deemed to be a cancellation and incur charges of up to 100{de1b0ad95e7378669dc1b80fdc2fba4092936fc2e2616afd225ae486a42555d2} of the cost of your holiday. Examples include change of dates, alterations of names and location changes.

USATours has no right of amendment in relation to the applied airlines and flights can in no case be changed by the customer. This applies to both tickets purchased alone, and flights that are part of a package.

If USATours’ right of amendment on third parties (Hotels, etc.) are stricter than indicated, the customers right of amendment will be further restricted accordingly.

7. Alterations Made By USATours:

If the package is modified or cancelled prior to departure the customer will be notified as soon as possible. If USATours cancels a package without this being because of customer relationship or the client does not want to participate on the journey as a result of significant changes, the client is entitled to cancel the holiday package and get a full refund or participate in another trip of your choice, if USATours can offer this without disproportionate cost or loss.

In all cases other than by purchase of travel packages (Flights, accommodation and other tourist services purchased alone) USATours solely acts as an agent for the listed airlines, hotels, etc. and USATours is not responsible for any delays, changes, cancellations etc. and customers are referred to contact the airline, hotel etc. directly.

USATours will not pay compensation in cases where alterations or cancellations are due to circumstances outside of our control. These include, but are not limited to – strikes, technical problems with transport, riots, bad weather, war, terrorist activity, fire, flood, airport closure and natural disasters.

8. Customer Obligations:

The customer is immediately after receipt of the travel documents required to verify the accuracy of the travel documents, including the first and last name is correct and matches the traveler’s passport name. Names specified incorrectly can lead to rejection at check-in or at the border from/to the UK. USATours are not responsible for the consequences that incorrect information may cause.

The customer is responsible for all matters relating to passports, visas, ESTA approval, health conditions, vaccinations, etc. which must be fulfilled before departure. If a package travel is not completed due to lack of travel documents, valid passport, necessary visas, ESTA approval, vaccinations etc. then USATours has the right to charge the full price and the customer can not claim a refund for the unused benefits or compensation. The same applies if the customer is a no show or otherwise fails to use the services.


9. Our Liability To You:

USATours’ liability to the customer is limited to the amount of compensation laid down in the inter-national conventions, for example, Warsaw Convention on international carriage by air and the Athens Convention on the carriage by sea of ​​passengers and their luggage.

USATours shall in no event be liable for losses due to cancellations, changes, defects etc. when the cancellation is due to the number of persons enrolled for a package is less than the specified minimum.

When the cancellation, failure or defect is caused by an unauthorized third party and not with proper care could have been foreseen, avoided or mitigated by USATours or someone USATours is responsible for.

When the cancellation, failure or defect is due to external circumstances that USATours or someone USATours is responsible for could have foreseen or avoided when concluding the holiday package.

In all cases other than package holiday (flight, hotel accommodation and other tourist services purchased alone) USATours acts solely as an agent for the listed airlines, hotels, etc. and USATours is therefore not liable for any delays, changes, cancellations etc. and the customer is being referred to contact the airline, hotel etc. directly.

10. Complaint:

Complaints about defects, cancellations, changes etc. in connection with a package must, within a reasonable time, be made by the customer to USATours, airline, hotel etc. Otherwise, the customer loses the right to rely on cancellation, modification, etc. and make a claim, unless USATours has acted in breach of good faith or was grossly negligent. Is a defect corrected within a reasonable time and without cost or significant inconvenience to the customer, the customer can not demand a reduction or terminate the holiday package.

If the customer experiences a shortage on their package the customer must contact USATours representative or agent on site without undue delay. If the situation is not corrected satisfactory on site, the customer shall contact USATours in Denmark without undue delay.

Complaints must be in all other cases (flights, hotel accommodation, other tourist services etc.. Purchased alone) made directly to the airline, hotel, etc., As USATours only acts as agent for the listed airlines, hotels, etc. and is not responsible for defects, cancellations, changes etc.

11. Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and ESTA and Passport Requirements:

The VWP allows most British Citizen passport holders to visit the US for up to 90 days. The types of journey allowed under the VWP include tourism, certain types of business visit and transit to another country.

You won’t qualify for entry to the USA under the VWP, and will need to apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate, if:

  • you have a British passport that describes your nationality as something other than ‘British Citizen’
  • your passport has been extended by 12 months under exceptional measures put in place in mid 2014;
  • your passport doesn’t include certain security features
  • you’ve been arrested for certain crimes, even if it didn’t result in a criminal conviction
  • you’re a dual national of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria
  • you’ve travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria since March 2011

Certain exemptions apply on a case-by-case basis to those who have travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria. For more information about these exemptions, see the website of the US Embassy.

Please note that in all cases it is the travelers responsibility to ensure they are able to enter the USA and Canada. Should you not gain access or be allowed to leave for any reason, then USATours can not be held liable for any inconvenience or financial loss and no refunds will be agreed.

Those travelling under the VWP arriving by air or sea should provide details online at least 72 hours before travel. This is known as an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation or ESTA. For more information, and to apply online, visit the official ESTA website:

To enter the US under the VWP you’ll need to have a passport with an integrated chip (an ePassport). An e-Passport contains an electronic chip. The chip holds the same information that is printed on the passport’s data page: the holder’s name, date of birth, and other biographic information. An e-Passport also contains a biometric identifier. The United States requires that the chip contain a digital photograph of the holder. All e-Passports issued by Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries and the United States have security features to prevent the unauthorized reading or “skimming” of data stored on the e-Passport chip.


Please note that in all cases it is the travelers responsibility to ensure they are able to enter the USA and Canada. Should you not gain access or be allowed to leave for any reason, then USATours can not be held liable for any inconvenience or financial loss and no refunds will be given.

12. Flights:

It is the responsibility of the party leader to supply correct booking information. i.e. Passenger names as per their passport.

The tickets and travel times are always shown and informed in local times. After receiving tickets and itinerary there may occur time change and you must always check the departure times/areas.

We recommend that you always arrive at the airport minimum 2 hours before departure.

Seating or any other requests will be passed onto the flight supplier, but can not be guaranteed. We recommend checking in online within 24 hours of departure to help secure desired seating arrangements. Any failure in this regard will not be considered a breach of agreement by us.

The flight element of your trip is subject to the carrier’s booking conditions and the laws governing international and domestic flights. If a major delay occurs due to but not limited to weather conditions or air traffic control issues, then the carrier concerned may provide refreshments etc. in line with its own policies. does not accept any liability for delays, loss of luggage, changes in airline or aircraft type.

13. Accommodation:

Upon check in, accommodation suppliers normally require a security deposit, usually in the form of a major credit card.

Some accommodation providers charge a resort fee that is payable locally. This can range from a few dollars upwards to around $30 per day. These resort fees are not included in the package from

As we do not own, operate or control any of the hotels contained within our packages we can not guarantee availability when booking your holiday package. If any formerly specified hotel is not available, we will find another hotel of equal or better standard for you at no extra cost.

Any room preferences we are aware of will be passed on to the Hotel but are not guaranteed. We don’t accept bookings that are wholly conditional upon these requests being met. That said we will endeavor to ensure requests are respected whenever possible.

Luggage storage at the hotel’s luggage storage room is always at your own risk. Damaged or lost luggage is not replaced by

14. Car Hire:

“One way” drop off fees are sometimes charged, particularly when the car is not returned within the same state. These fees are always paid locally, and are not included in our packages unless otherwise stated. We will endeavor to highlight these charges prior to you leaving for your holiday. Local charges can be subject to change from the supplier.

A full and valid UK drivers license(s) is required to be present throughout the time of your vehicle rental. We do not accept any responsibility or liability in the event that you or your party are denied a vehicle due to lack of documentation or if you are denied a vehicle due to driving penalties, endorsements or bans. Any costs incurred in this eventuality will be incurred by the customer(s).

A minimum age of 21 is required, and anyone under 25 will usually incur additional costs that will often be paid locally and not included in your quote or package.

Unless otherwise stated, all our quotes are based on a single driver. Additional drivers can be added in these cases when collecting the vehicle subject to additional charges payable locally. Multiple driver quotes are possible, but will need to be requested by the customer.

Please check you rental agreement and receipt before leaving the rental desk to insure all local charges are understood and have been agreed to.

A valid credit card is required in the drivers name when collecting the vehicle. This is essential to guarantee supply of the vehicle by the rental company.

15. Other Conditions:

It takes account of typographical errors.

16. Disputes:

If a dispute can’t be resolved between the parties the client may appeal to the Package-Board. Any appeal to the Package Board can be made here:

17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

Any claim against USATours is treated under Danish law at Copenhagen City Court.

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